U1 snRNP and Smith Antigens in Autoimmune Diagnostics

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u1-core-and-rnaWe are pleased to present a recent talk by Grace Bio-Labs Scientist Kevin Carman.





U1 snRNP and Smith antigen auto-antibodies are important markers in several autoimmune disorders. Auto-antibodies against these extractable nuclear antigens (ENA’s) are commonly used as clinical diagnostic criteria for Sjorgen’s Syndrome, SLE, and MCTD. There are several platforms for detection of auto-antibodies against these antigens, but a protein microarray offers key advantages. An auto-antigen array allows for a low cost assay that can identify multiple autoantibodies in a single test. Using auto-antigen arrays allows the clinician to develop an auto-antibody profile for a patient which can monitor disease progression, and aid in selecting treatment options.


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