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Reverse Phase Protein Array Used to Elucidate Pro-inflammatory Signalomes Provides an Excellent Guide for RPPA Methodologies and Techniques

Application of Reverse-Phase Protein Arrays (RPPA) has primarily centered on the discovery and identification of cell signaling pathways involved in cancer development and progression. The RPPA approach and technology has found expanded utility in other disciplines such as in the study of inflammatory diseases.Recently Negm, et al. employed RPPA to study the signaling pathways downstream … Continued

Optimizing Reverse Phase Protein Array Assays

Components of Reverse-Phase Protein Array (RPPA) methods and their impact on the overall performance of this assay were presented at the 2nd annual RPPA Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland on November 12.  Entire presentation can be viewed here.  View poster here. View here for information regarding our RPPA Assay System Selecting Surfaces, Reagents, and Detection Methods … Continued