Tag: Reverse Phase Protein Arrays

Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia Expanded to Include RPPA Analysis Data

The Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia is a collaborative project started in 2008 with the goal to characterize, from a genetic and pharmacological standpoint, a large panel of human cancer models. The idea was to develop data linking genetic profiles to pharmacological outcomes that can translate into personalized therapeutic regimens and accelerate cancer research. The dataset … Continued

RPPA Reveals Altered Phosphorylation Profile in Plasmodium-infected Hepatocytes

Introduction Plasmodium parasites inflict widespread global disease, which in the case of malaria is caused by the intraerythrocytic form of the parasite.  The parasite infects the host by traveling to the liver where it intracellularly develops and affects hepatocyte cells, initiating a range of responses including autophagy and apoptosis.  Different hosts, and even different hepatocyte … Continued