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Sensitive and Accurate Multi-Color RPPA Using Grace Bio-Labs ArrayCAM Protein Microarray System

Introduction Profiling sets of multiple protein markers and signaling pathways is becoming the standard method for biomarker discovery, accurate disease diagnosis, and monitoring of therapeutic response. Low-cost, high throughput multiplexed assay platforms that can provide specific, sensitive, and reproducible measurements, featuring reliable and robust assay controls along with easy to use methodologies will yield increased … Continued

Multiplex Protein Arrays with Quantum Dots

Multiplexed protein arrays offer significant advantages for diagnostics over monoplex assays such as ELISA’s. For multiplex detection, fluorescence is the label of choice, offering rapid and sensitive detection and large dynamic range in addition to the ability to separate signals from multiple fluors.While porous nitrocellulose (NC) film slides are an excellent substrate for protein arrays … Continued

Assay Kinetics for Quantum Dots on Protein Arrays

Previously, we have reported data from multiplexed protein microarray assays with quantum dots which show great promise for use of these labels with nitrocellulose film-slides. The use of quantum dots with emission in the red and NIR spectrum allow for sensitive detection on nitrocellulose film slides due to low inherent fluorescence background at longer wavelengths.There … Continued

Will Improved Quantum Dots Spur Use for Biological Analysis?

In the 1980s, Quantum Dots were highly promoted as the solution to single molecule detection for biological analysis. These nanocrystals have several advantages over organic dyes:   they are much brighter, and they are highly stable, so do not saturate or “bleach” with increasing excitation light intensity. Quantum Dots  have a relatively broad excitation curve (several hundreds … Continued