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Protein Microarrays: Investment Required

As scientists we are trained to be independent thinkers, and to value the expertise gained on the learning curve of new technologies. When it comes to microarrays, however, outsourcing or collaborating with an expert can accelerate the development process.“There is a serious investment required in assay development for microarrays,” says Stacey Clarken, VP of Commercial … Continued

Jumping the Hurdles for Microarray Diagnostics

A recent article (1)  reporting on a  conference  in Edinburgh, Scotland,  discusses the progress in ‘affinity proteomics’, that is, antibody-based assays including protein microarrays and their potential for use in clinical diagnostics. There continues to be much optimism around the use of antibody-based microarrays for diagnostics, and yetthe emergence of this technology has been slower than … Continued