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Routine Clinical Adoption of Immunoassay Multiplexing, Whether Microarray or Cytometric Bead Array, Is Still Several Years Away Due to Operational Entrenchment

An objective look at immunoassay multiplexing, where it stands today and contrasted to the standard ELISA was authored recently by Dr. Lucy Fairclough et al. The discussion argued the efficacy of multiplexing as well as the pros and cons of present methods available.Commercial availability of multiplex immunoassays for life science discovery research is rapidly expanding … Continued

Cancer Research: Universal Drug Target for Cancer?

The founders of Grace Bio-Labs initiated their scientific careers with cancer research, and we continue to follow this literature with great interest. An interesting article in NY Times recently reported on a new strategy in cancer therapies being pursued by several major pharmaceutical companies.It has long been known that de-regulation of p53 protein is a key factor … Continued

Jumping the Hurdles for Microarray Diagnostics

A recent article (1)  reporting on a  conference  in Edinburgh, Scotland,  discusses the progress in ‘affinity proteomics’, that is, antibody-based assays including protein microarrays and their potential for use in clinical diagnostics. There continues to be much optimism around the use of antibody-based microarrays for diagnostics, and yetthe emergence of this technology has been slower than … Continued