Hybridization and Incubation Chambers are designed to confine samples or specimens on glass coverslips, glass slides or other flat surfaces. Multi-chamber/well options allow compartmentalization for simultaneous analysis and processing of several different samples. Numerous conformations for well shape, size and different materials, such as silicone, polycarbonate etc. are available to meet the needs of the different experimental settings and diagnostic requirements.

Our chambers provide devices meeting the compatibility needs for robotic liquid handling for high throughput as well as for smaller scale experiments. Some key features include:

  • Bio-compatibility, chemical, and thermal resistance
  • Rapid and economical set-up
  • Compatible with fluorescent probe.
  • Stable, durable seal or removable and reusable chamber options available
  • Volume options available for reagent preservation or active mixing

If you do not see the seal or chamber you require below, please contact us for assistance in selecting the correct product for your application or to discuss a custom device


  • Microscopy/Imaging
  • FRET (Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer)
  • SPR (Surface Plasmon Resonance)
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Protein Crystallization
  • Single cell analysis
  • FISH