Grace Bio-Labs microarray regents have been specifically formulated to achieve the full potential of porous nitrocellulose, accelerating experimental design and data collection and validation. They provide reliable tools for the development of reproducible and sensitive microarray-based assays, from the initial printing, blocking, washing to the long-term preservation of the printed nitrocellulose film slide. Retention of protein function and structure are guaranteed during downstream microarray applications.

The Protein Array Assay System and the Reverse Phase Array System provide each a set of reagents necessary to obtain optimal results for forward phase microarrays applications (antibody and antigen capture array) and reverse phase protein array (protein expression profiling, biomarker discovery etc.) respectively.


  • Antigen-Capture Assay
  • Antibody Capture Assay
  • RPPA- Reverse Phase Protein
  • Microarray Laser micro-dissection
  • RRPA Epitope-mapping
  • Biomarker Discovery and Validation
  • Immunogen Discovery