Protein Microarrays on the Brink?

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Microarray technology was first exploited with genomic analysis of DNA sequences.  This technology still forms a robust platform for biomarker discovery and comparative genomics. However, while genomics sheds light on the biological potential, a recent review in Science Signaling  points out that  “protein does the heavy lifting in the cell, and neither DNA nor RNA says much at all about how, why, or when a given protein will be activated” (see review). And yet the field of ‘proteomics’ seems to be advancing more slowly than genomics did in the last two decades. Of course the molecular complexity of the proteome is much greater than that of the genome, and the chemistry more difficult to standardize across a large number of proteins. Additionally,   the diverse chemistry of protein microarrays makes validation of results a difficult task.

For clinical diagnostics, proteins are the most useful marker for monitoring the immediate state of health or disease.  And yet, relatively few protein array platforms have emerged as diagnostics.  SQI Diagnostics has a number of FDA-approved assays based on protein microarray technology, and is one of the few companies to transfer this technology in the clinic. Theranostics Health is another company commercializing the use of protein microarrays (using tissue lysates) to monitor clinical samples.  As the technology becomes more standardized and validation methods improve, perhaps the use of this technology in the clinic will be more readily adapted.

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