Protein Crystallization


ProCrystal™ protein crystallization covers are designed for high throughput protein x-ray crystallography in 96-well plates.  The ProCrystal ™ material maintains drop footprint and segregation, even with protocols using MPD, glycerol or detergents. Grace Bio-Labs has collaborated with leading crystallographers to develop our ProCrystal™ covers using materials with the highest optical quality and stringent manufacturing processes to ensure clean, particle-free covers.

Features Include:

  • Ready-to-use, dust-free
  • UV compatible
  • No noticeable x-ray diffraction
  • Accommodates up to 3 protein drops per well
  • Two formats: pre-cut or uncut

ProCrystal™ protein crystallization covers accommodate up to 3 protein drops per well, and are available as frame or frameless, with either paper or plastic liners, and in two cut formats: pre-cut or uncut (see Specifications tab). The pre-cut format allows removal of covers from individual wells at different times. Our protein crystallization covers are compatible with SBS-compliant microtiter plates and TTP Mosquito(r) Instruments.


Optimal for high throughput protein x-ray crystallography in 96-well plates.