ProPlate® Microtiter Plates

Patented ProPlate® MTP technology for high throughput robotic processing of microarrays allows you to combine your content arrayed substrate to a disposable ANSI-SLAS -compliant microtiter plate. ProPlate® MTP features a biocompatible, pressure-sensitive, adhesive bonding system applied to a bottomless microtiter plate to form a leak-proof seal between wells to isolate microarrays printed on glass or plastic during processing.

Designs are available in black polystyrene for the 96 well (round) and 384 well (square) plates, and in black polycarbonate for the 96 well (square) plate,

Alignment of arrays within the wells may be facilitated by means of a fixture (sold separately).

Contact us for customized solutions for difficult to bond substrates.

Technical Resources


Instructions for Use - Applying Glass to Microtiter Plates





  • Protein and peptides microarrays
  • cDNA Oligonucleotides microarrays
  • Proteomics
  • Protein expression analysis
  • Antibody profiling



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