Protein microarray analysis presents more complex chemistry than genomic arrays, largely due to the stringent role of protein structure to maintain biological activity. Grace Bio-Labs develops and manufactures high-quality materials and protocols for protein microarrays. Regardless of the type of application, detection, and imaging methods, these tools elevate and facilitate the quality and accuracy of microarray analysis.

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ONCYTE® Film slides

Porous nitrocellulose microarray slide


Ultra-thin nitrocellulose film slide

Microarray Reagents

Reagents and microarray assay reagents kits 

Epoxy Slide

DNA Microarray slides

Calibration Slide

NanoParticle Fluorescent Calibration Slide

ProPlate® Multi-Well Chambers

Re-usable multi-well chambers



  • Antigen-capture assay
  • Antibody capture assay
  • Epitope-mapping
  • Biomarker Discovery and Validation
  • Immunogen Discovery
  • Peptide Microarrays
  • DNA Microarrays