CoverWell™ Incubation Chambers


CoverWell™ incubation chambers are reusable, easy to apply chambers that attach without the use of adhesive.  CoverWells™ enclose a large sample area with a small reagent volume and preserve kinetic (non-capillary) fluid dynamics for better reagent mixing and lower backgrounds within the chamber for more uniformly sensitive assays. These ready-to-use chambers are designed expressly for in situ hybridization and immunocytochemistry.


  • Eliminate precipitate deposits on specimens by incubating slides and specimens upside down during enzymatic color precipitation reaction
  • Provides an exceptionally secure seal during submerged water bath and/or high temperature incubations
  • RNase and DNase free
  • Easily removed
  • Adheres to wet or dry surfaces

Technical Resources


Instructions for Use CoverWell Incubation Chambers


  • Reverse Transfection Microarray 
  • DNA Microarray
  • In-situ hybridization
  • Immunohistochemistry




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Q: What solvents are compatible with CoverWell™ products?

A:  CoverWells are manufactured from Lexan Polycarbonate (cover) Silicone (gasket) and Acrylic/Silicone Adhesive (interface).   Steer clear of soaking in Alcohol and no exposure to Xylenes, Toluene, Chloroform, Acetone. DMF is fine.