SecureSlip™ Silicone Supported Coverglass


SecureSlip™ Silicone Supported Coverglass is affixed to a thin microscopically transparent silicone base which secures it to culture vessels by electrostatic charge (no adhesive) to prevent movement during cultivation, and cells from growing on the back surface. The silicone also acts as a hydrophobic barrier to isolate liquid reagents on glass.

SecureSlip™ eliminates coverglass overlapping during culture and assay procedures, while also providing an easy way to identify the “cell side” of coverglass. Individual coverglass with silicone backing can be adhered to a petri dish or plate. These can be easily removed one at a time from the dish during culture. Once removed, coverglass can be affixed to microscope slides by means of the tacky silicone backing for routine processing, or placed cell side down onto a drop of reagent using the silicone backing as a cover to prevent evaporation.

Silicone backing removes easily (by peeling) for conventional mounting on microscope slides. During culture, cells may be imaged without interference from the optical grade silicone. Handle SecureSlips™ with forceps by the silicone backing to avoid damage to glass or cells. Recommended use temperature is -62°C to 218°C.


  • Cell Culture
  • Immunofluorescence
  • Microscopy


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