CultureWell™ MultiWell Chambered Coverslips

CultureWell MultiWell Chambered Coverglass

CultureWell MultiWell chambered coverglass products consist of removable and reusable non-cytotoxic silicone gaskets secured to number 1.5 German coverglass, and can be used to isolate cells with removable hydrophobic barriers. Products may be placed in sterile culture plates or 100mm diameter culture dishes.

The CultureWell chambered coverglass features a leak-proof design to eliminate well-to-well cross-contamination. Gaskets stabilize the coverglass and provide convenient handling using conventional microscope slide holders and accessories.  The gaskets may be resterilized and reused. Well spacing facilitates liquid handling utilizing multichannel pipettes and robotic dispensers.  Each silicone gasket is pre-applied to a No. 1.5 DESAG coverglass.

Note: The coverglass product containing no wells is provided in 1 oz quantities (SKU: 162450).  


  • Cell Culture
  • Fluorescence applications
  • In-situ hybridization
  • Immunostaining 


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