Grace Biolabs microarray reagents and microarray tools enable scientists to simultaneously analyze a large number of multiplexed proteins. Since they were first implemented, the precision and reproducibility of protein profiling using microarray applications has evolved tremendously as materials and protocols have become refined.

Grace Bio-Labs is the leader for providing high quality tools and protocols to facilitate the use of robust protein microarrays around the world. The ability to manufacture unique and high quality microarrays for study of unique subsets proteins biological systems is critical to on-going discoveries and refinements in the field.

Regardless of your application, detection or imaging methods, the tools below can elevate and facilitate the quality and accuracy of your microarray manufacturing and analysis:

Our scientists have worked with many organizations to help them optimize their protein microarray analysis. Please view our ONCYTE®Guide to Protein Microarrays for an introduction to this technology and detailed protocols. Our featured research articles contain examples of our protocols and results with antibody capture and reverse phase protein microarrays.



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