SuperG™ Blocking Buffer

SuperG™ Blocking Buffer – 500mL

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SuperG Blocking Buffer


  • RPPA- reverse phase protein microarrays
  • Laser microdissection- RRPA
  • Antigen-capture assay
  • Antibody capture assay
  • Biomarker Discovery and Validation
  • Nanotoxicology
  • Serological Assay
  • Immunogen Discovery


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Mordmüller, B., Surat, G., Lagler, H., Chakravarty, S., Ishizuka, A. S., Lalremruata, A., … Kremsner, P. G. (2017). Sterile protection against human malaria by chemoattenuated PfSPZ vaccine. Nature, 542(7642), 445–449. (

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Q Which buffer should Super G blocking buffer be diluted in and which dilution should be used?

A Super G  blocking buffer may be diluted with PBS.  0.5 to 0.1 x is the recommended dilution range.