ProPlate® Multi-Array Slide System

ProPlate® 16 Well Tray Set, 3 Slide Modules, 7mm x 7mm, Stainless Steel Spring Clips, Tray and Cover – Includes 10 Seal Strips and 1 Applicator – 1 EACH


  • Protein and peptides microarrays
  • cDNA and oligonucleotides microarrays
  • Proteomics
  • Protein expression analysis
  • Antibody profiling


Luckert, K., Gujral, T. S., Chan, M., Joos, T. O., Sorger, P. K., MacBeath, G., & Pötz, O. (2012). A Dual Array-Based Approach to Assess the Abundance and Posttranslational Modification State of Signaling Proteins. Science Signaling, 5(206), pl1. 

Nielsen, U. B., Cardone, M. H., Sinskey, A. J., MacBeath, G., & Sorger, P. K. (2003). Profiling receptor tyrosine kinase activation by using Ab microarrays. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 100(16), 9330–9335.

Guo, S.-L., Chen, P.-C., Chen, M.-S., Cheng, Y.-C., Lin, J.-M., Lee, H.-C., & Chen, C.-S. (2012). A Fast Universal Immobilization of Immunoglobulin G at 4°C for the Development of Array-based Immunoassays. PLoS ONE, 7(12). 

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Microarray Hybridization with ProPlate


ProPlate Assembly & Disassembly Stainless Steel Spring Clips

ProPlate Assembly & Disassemly Delrin Snap Clips


Q:   We would like to use the ProPlate (16 well module) system for culturing cells. Can we use ProPlate for this application, and how are they best sterilized?

A: You can autoclave the ProPlate materials, after first removing the thin adhesive layer between the silicone and the polycarbonate superstructure. Do not autoclave the delrin snap clips. Stainless steel spring clips may be autoclaved. After careful assembly in the laminar flow hood, ProPlate modules are inserted into culture dishes, lidded and placed into a CO2 incubator. I have done this many times, my media usually contains Pen/Strep.