NanoParticle Fluorescent Calibration Slide

NanoParticle Fluorescent Calibration Slide – L X W – 75 mm x 25 mm – EACH

The NanoParticle Fluorescent Calibration Slide is a novel tool for use in quantitative microarray analysis and fluorescence-based techniques. The slide is designed for maintenance of microarray scanners and calibration of data collected on different fluorescent detection platforms. Photostable spots are arrayed on the slide surface to deliver consistent fluorescent emission intensities with excellent resistance to photo-bleaching. Arrays of spots covering 11 consecutive intensity levels ensure compatibility with a wide range of laser power and PMT or camera settings. Replicate spots are a similar size to experimental microarray spots to offer an ideal tool for focal calibration, quantitative analysis, and assessment of scanner uniformity and reproducibility.

Excitation – 532 nm and 635 nm
Emission – 570 nm and 670 nm

List of applications

  • Calibration of Microarray Scanner
  • Evaluation of instrument dynamic range, detection limit, and uniformity
  • Quantitative Microarray Analyses
  • Scanner and Microscope Focal Plane Adjustment