4X PATH® Print Buffer

PATH® 4X Print Buffer – 60 mL

PATH® Print Buffer (4X) is a high salt reagent that can be used as a spotting diluent over a wide range of protein concentrations. This print buffer provides high signal intensity, excellent spot morphology and reproducible spot sizes on arrays. Precipitation may occur during storage. Briefly place the bottle into a 30 to 40 ⁰C water bath and stir at 300 rpm for approximately 10-15 minutes (Stir bar is pre-packed in bottle). All crystals should go back to solution. Equilibrate to room temperature prior to use.



  • Antibody capture assay

  • Epitope-mapping

  • Biomarker Discovery and Validation

  • Immunogen Discovery

  • Quantitative multiplex immunoassays

  • Peptide Microarrays

  • Autoantibody profiling

  • Multiplex serological assays