Press Fit Tubing Connectors

Press fit tubing connectors provide affordable and easy to use means to connect Grace’s chamber products to pumps and other devices for fluidic exchange.

Simply apply connectors by pressing the adhesive coated surface to the filling ports on the chamber surface and insert the appropriate length of #24 gauge tubing through the opening on the top. The simple hourglass design through the wall of the connector, tightly secures the tubing to form a leak-proof seal in communication with the chamber.  The open end of the tubing may be connected to a syringe or pump using a 25 gauge cannula or needle.

Technical Resources


Instructions for Use Press Fit Tubing Connectors


  • Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)
  • Single molecule FRET
  • Prototyping of microfluidic systems
  • Imaging
  • Live-cell imaging


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