Microarray Technology for The Analysis Of The Secretome

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A newly published editorial offers a comprehensive overview of the different approaches applied to the study the secretome, the subset of proteins secreted by a particular organism.

Scientists are increasingly targeting this complex and homogenous collection of proteins with the hope to uncover new biochemical pathways and to identify new therapeutic and diagnostic targets.

While each approach aims at answering a specific question about the nature and function of these proteins, microarray technology provides some clear advantages when working with a complex sample matrix or analyzing a large number of samples. The method is well established and technically simple to execute. Some of the advantages of microarray technology include:

  • small sample volume required
  • no-complex sample manipulation needed, reducing the probability of altering sample quality and composition
  • detection of low abundant-proteins, particularly when high-protein binding substrates such as ONCYTE® Film slides
  • broad dynamic range
  • highly customizable and multiplexable
  • economically advantageous when compared with ELISA

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