Imaging Spacers


Imaging spacers are ultra-thin adhesive spacers which peel-and-stick to coverglass or microscope slides to confine specimens without compression. Layer multiple spacers to custom build chambers to any depth desired.

Thin, double-sided adhesive spacers confine specimens without compression. For high resolution microscopy, sandwich specimen and spacer between two No. 0 coverglass. Imaging spacers can be fabricated in different material and thickness for specific applications. The adhesive, also used to make Wound Splints, HybriWell and SecureSeal incubation chambers, is now available in sheets that may be purchased in a single layer thickness or prepared in multiple layers for your convenience. Please visit the SecureSeal™ adhesive sheet for more information.

If you need a thicker option see our Silicone Isolators and Silicone isolator™ sheet material


Technical Resources


Instructions for Use SecureSeal Imaging Spacers


  • Imaging
  • Microscopy
  • High-temperature single-molecule kinetic analysis
  • anti‐Stokes Raman scattering microscopy



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