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Transcriptome Profiling

RNA sequential probing of targets (SPOTs) is a newly developed method for mRNAs profiling, based on sequential Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (seqFISH). SeqFISH is a technology that enables the identification of many RNA transcripts directly in single cells preserving spatial context. To demonstrate the method “mRNA, extracted from mouse cells, was captured on a locked nucleic acid … Continued

COVID-19 Bio-Innovation Webinar

Grace Bio-Labs will be presenting at: Our Region Responds: COVID-19 Bio-Innovation Webinar. Join the webinar to learn more about the industry’s response to COVID-19. Register here

Grace Bio-Labs producing hand sanitizer and face masks

During COVID-19, Grace Bio-Labs quickly pivoted from biomolecular research to producing hand sanitizer and face masks. OSU-Cascades students were hired to help. 16,000 units of hand sanitizer have so far been produced.