Antigen Array For Serological Diagnosis For Severe Equine Asthma

Grace BioLabs Oncyte® NOVA slides and ProPlates® were used to elucidate previously unidentified allergens involved in the potential diagnosis of severe equine asthma (sEA). The microarray contained a complex matrix of fungi, bacteria, pollen, arthropods extracts, and proteins. It was tested against serum obtained from a mixed group of 138 horses living in varying environments. … Continued

Multiplex Microarrays: The Next Generation ELISA

The hallmark of chronic diseases is the production of highly specific autoantibodies (1,2).  These autoantibodies are increasingly measured to guide clinical decision making.    The goal of these measurements is to define intracellular signal pathway activation profiles. These profiles can be integrated with clinical information to generate “biosignatures” for individual patients, the goal of which is personalized … Continued

View Your Proteins in 3-D!

Protein microarray technology has progressed significantly and, although new microarray surface chemistries continue to be developed and marketed, porous nitrocellulose has remained the predominant immobilization surface for protein microarray applications due to its many functional advantages.  The 3-dimensional structure of nitrocellulose film slides offers a considerably higher surface area for protein binding compared to conventional … Continued