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Anti-glycan IgM Repertoires in Newborn Human Cord Blood

Understanding the immune system functionality, innate immunity (natural antibodies), development of autoimmune reactions and immune responses during and post-vaccination all involve the analysis of anti-glycan antibodies.  The complexity of glycans and their corresponding antibodies found in human serum has made it very difficult to differentiate whether these anti-glycan antibodies are inherent (natural) or a triggered … Continued

Peptide Microarrays Reveal Similarity Between Saliva And Blood IgG Profiles

Proteomics is a powerful approach to understanding what role proteins play in disease development, growth, treatment, and recovery.   Most proteome research is focused on analyzing plasma and serum, as well as studying cell signaling pathways in cancer.  However, saliva and urine matrices are gaining attraction due to the relatively simple, non-invasive collection method that can … Continued

Pathogen Genotype in Molecular Epidemiology of Waterborne Illness

Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) microarray produced using Grace Bio-Labs Epoxy Slides The little-known parasites of the Cryptosporidium genus are responsible for the leading waterborne illness in the United States.1 The symptoms are unpleasant and an acute disease state can become life-threatening for immunocompromised individuals. In 1993, the largest recorded outbreak made 400,000 people sick in … Continued