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CS-16 CultureWell Chambered Coverglass Used To Validate A Reverse Genetic System For The Study of Orthobunyavirus

Orthobunyavirus is a genus of the Peribunyaviridae family in the order Bunyavirales, currently comprising ~170 recognized viruses. Most orthobunyavirus species are transmitted by gnats and cause diseases in animals or humans. Their genomic organization is such that reassortment with related viruses is possible, resulting in altered virulence and zoonotic potential. Shuni virus (SHUV) is an orthobunyavirus related to Schmallenberg virus (SBV) that causes neurological disease in … Continued

Drug Delivery as Important as the Drug

It is fascinating to see how our customers utilize the simple and elegant designs of our chambers to facilitate their research. A recent paper in PNAS by GW Ashley et al. illustrates this point quite well. Our CoverWell perfusion chambers were originally designed for live cell imaging, with medical grade silicone adhered to a plastic ‘window’ … Continued