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Optimize Your Protein Array with Specially Formulated Arraying Buffer

The buffer used for spotting proteins for protein arrays is a critical factor in obtaining reliable and consistent results. Most important impact is on protein aggregation, which can affect spot morphology,  and protein binding to the substrate. Grace Bio-Labs has developed a Protein Arraying Buffer designed to work with our ONCYTE® porous nitrocellulose film slides for optimal … Continued

Once around the Block for Antibody Selection

Selecting the right antibody for your application is sometimes like buying a pair of shoes- you may have to try on a few to get the right fit. It turns out that you may also want to walk around the ‘block’—or blocking reagent, in this case, to get the right fit for your antibody.  We … Continued

Protein Microarrays on the Brink?

Microarray technology was first exploited with genomic analysis of DNA sequences.  This technology still forms a robust platform for biomarker discovery and comparative genomics. However, while genomics sheds light on the biological potential, a recent review in Science Signaling  points out that  “protein does the heavy lifting in the cell, and neither DNA nor RNA says much … Continued