Advantages to the Grace Assay Technology Include:

  • Substantially improved sensitivity and specificity over ELISA’s gold standard
  • More clearly defined positives even among lower titer antibodies due to a dynamic range that is double ELISA’s.
  • Customized proprietary software assures fast and accurate image analysis that’s easy to use and automated, expediting precise solutions for researchers and clinicians.
  • Options for multiple tests provides exceptional confidence in results. When warranted, different antigen sources and epitopes can be used.
  • Redundancy in testing eliminates the potential for outliers that could skew results, improving reliability and accuracy over ELISA and bead technology
Seeking to expand your assay portfolio?
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Grace Bio-Labs prides itself on being at the forefront of proteomic profiling and assay technologies. Our innovative team of engineers and scientists have come together to orchestrate a distinguished system that is elevating disease assessment and treatment technologies to inspiring levels.

Principal Components:

  • ONCYTE ™ Microarry Substrates:  a proprietary film coating that elegantly preserves conformational epitopes. This film scaffold provides:
  • Unrivaled protein binding capacity
  • Robust fluorescence due to enhanced light scattering
  • Exceptional signal to noise ratios and reduced auto fluorescence
  • Specialized Microarray Reagents: our optimized blockers and reagents contribute to exceptional signal to noise ratios and Custom Assay Development: