Antigen Discovery – Pioneer in High Throughput Biomarker Discovery

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Antigen logoAntigen Discovery Inc.’s protein microarrays allow for highly multiplexed assays the generate hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands data points for each sample tested. Antigen Discovery Inc., our collaborators and our customers have leveraged this technology to peer into the complex intricacies of the immune response to disease generating over 80 peer-reviewed research articles in various fields that include, but are not limited to the Malaria field with our P. falciparum and P. vivax protein microarrays, Tuberculosis with our whole proteome M. tuberculosis microarrays and human autoimmune diseases with our human protein microarray including proteins associated with various autoimmune diseases.

Antigen Discovery Inc. is a pioneer in high throughput biomarker discovery. Their unique approach alleviates the bottleneck in the discovery of novel targets for the development of diagnostic products, therapeutics and vaccine candidates. Antigen Discovery has leveraged the information available from the multitude of sequencing projects to create the world’s largest pathogen clone collection, and a targeted human clone collection. The clone collection can be used to make whole and partial proteome protein microarrays for over 30 human pathogens as well as human protein microarrays. The protein microarrays can then be used to profile the immune response to infection, vaccination, autoimmunity and cancer.

Antigen Discovery Inc. has positioned itself to be the leader in high-throughput biomarker discovery and will continue to develop, manufactures and markets products, and provides services that simplify and streamline the proteomic biomarker discovery process. We will continue to make our novel microarray technology available to researchers to study complex biological problems.