Antigen Array For Serological Diagnosis For Severe Equine Asthma


Grace BioLabs Oncyte® NOVA slides and ProPlates® were used to elucidate previously unidentified allergens involved in the potential diagnosis of severe equine asthma (sEA). The microarray contained a complex matrix of fungi, bacteria, pollen, arthropods extracts, and proteins. It was tested against serum obtained from a mixed group of 138 horses living in varying environments. The IgE microarray demonstrated agreement for specificity and sensitivity with standard laboratory tests such as ELISA. Predicting mathematical modeling was also applied in this study for disease classification and allergen identification. S.J. White and coauthors identified that sEA is associated with a large sensitization profile involving reactivity to latex, fungi, mite, and pollen proteins that is like asthma allergens presented in humans. Data obtained in this study can be applied in the development of diagnostic tests for sEA, as well as for allergen selection for future immunotherapy.

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